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We gladly welcome every donation no matter how big or small. Our Internet donations are managed by a very capable, accredited non profit organisation called GivenGain. As you click on donate you will be transferred to a secure donation site where we are registered. 

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Long Term Solutions

The approach used by the Umthombo Youth Development Foundation is more than a simple bursary 'hand out'. Rather, it is one of the few long term solutions to the challenge of recruiting and retaining quality health care professionals for South Africa's rural areas. Research has shown that health professionals are more likely to choose to work in a rural hospital if that is they orginate, or if they are exposed to the realities of rural health care delivery whilst doing their university training.

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Working Together

We have numerous significant partnerships including funders, the Department of Health, the community but the most important in terms of implementing the programme is the local hospital. Together with the rural hospital, we identify, train and support rural youth to become qualified health professionals, who in turn commit to work at the local hospital for their contract period.

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Success So Far

The UYDF has produced 185 graduates and currently supports 205 students studying a wide range of health science disciplines - Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Biomedical Technology, Social Work, Optometry, Dental Therapy, Dentistry, Environmental Health, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Nursing, Radiology and Psychology.

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Businesses wishing to obtain BBBEE points in the Skills Development or Socio-Economic Development categories can invest in our work in return for points. 

The investment in the formal training of rural youth, where at least 75% of beneficaries are Black as defined by Act, qualifies for Skills Development points.

The reasons for companies to invest in our work inlcude: through the support we provide to these youth they are able to succeed at university - we had a 93% pass rate last year (and 94% the year before); on graduation all these youth will be immediately employed at a rural hospital where they will serve their community for the same number of years they were supported for; they will become taxpayers and thus contribute to the economy; they will break the generational spiral of poverty by assisting their siblings to access better education.

Once a donation is made we will immediately provide a declaration from our auditors specifying that the beneficaries are Black as well as the relevant supporting documentation.

To learn more about the BBBEE codes and how to invest in our work, please download this brochure



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