UYDF is an NGO with a mission to address the shortage of qualified healthcare professionals at rural hospitals to improve healthcare delivery to rural communities. They accomplish this feat through the identification, training and support of rural youth who have an interest in and have the ability to become qualified healthcare workers and will, upon graduating, return to work at their local, rural hospital.


UYDF provides these students with comprehensive mentoring and financial support throughout the course of their studies, as well as assistance with integration into the hospital working environment once they qualify. 


Since inception in 1998 UYDF has produced 183 medical graduates.


In 2013 alone UYDF boasts a 94% pass rate with an awe-inspiring 48 students completing their studies. These new graduates have degrees in the following medical disciplines:

21 Doctors

6 Nurses

4 Physiotherapists

1 Occupational therapist

1 Audiologist

3 Dietitians

2 Social Workers

2 Pharmacists

1 Radiographer

1 Optometrist

1 Dentist

3 Dental Therapists

1 Biomedical Technologist

1 Clinical Psychologist

These new graduates will serve their communities by rendering services at rural hospitals, year-for-year they studied. It is incredible that they left their homes and communities between 4 to 6 years ago and will be returning as health care professionals – employed, and serving the community that helped raise them. Their impact will be felt.


The 2014 student numbers stand at 200 across various 14 different medical disciplines.