20 years of providing life-changing opportunities to rural youth and changing the face of rural health.

University is a challenging time on an emotional level too. One’s family and friends offer a much-needed support structure during those late nights. But what if that support structure doesn’t exist? What if you were facing more than just your studies? A lack of finances? A family back home that relies on you for financial support? How would you cope?

That’s where we help.

The impact of our mentoring support can be seen in the amazing university pass rates our students are achieving - 92% over the past eight years - 50% above the national average!

Your donation will not only provide an education and qualification for an individual, but will change their family as they go into permanent well paid employment and serve their community. 

Support to one student costs R58,000 per year. Here’s exactly where that money goes:



For more information, contact: Dr Gavin MacGregor (gavin@umthomboyouth.org.za)