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Donate as a Company

As an organisation, we have 18A Income Tax status, which means that your donation is tax-deductible (South African's only).  Our financial records are audited annually and submitted to the Department of Social Welfare to maintain our non-profit status.

Your investment will not only provide an education and qualification for an individual, but will change their family as they go into permanent, well paid employment, and serve their community. A study conducted in 2016 highlighted that the cost of training 254 graduates (2015 graduate numbers) was R186 million - these graduates will pay R1,2 billion in personal income tax over their lifetime - a huge return on investment! 

To date, we have produced 571 health science graduates, of which 216 are doctors. Further, 51% of the Doctors are female! Through our mentoring support programme, our students are achieving exceptional success - our university pass rate in 2022 was 93% and the twelve year average is 92%, whilst the national average university pass rate is around 50%.

Further, Qualifying Small Enterprises (businesses with an annual turnover of between R10 and R50 million) can earn up to 20 Skills Development points on their BBBEE scorecard by investing in our work!

Read our fact sheet for more information.

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Donate as an individual

We have found new opportunities for individuals to donate to give rural students a way out of poverty. We appreciate every donation, no matter how big or small. All online donations are managed by a very capable, accredited non-profit organisation called GivenGain.

Should you wish to donate, here are your options for providing a life-changing opportunity for a young student:

  • Stationary and study materials grant: US$ 20 / R370
  • Book grant: US$55 / R1,000
  • Life skills seminar grant (financial knowledge, Managing our power, mental health, substance abuse prevention, social media): US$140 / R2,100
  • Laptop grant: US$200 / R3,000
  • Partial student support sponsorship: One year (US$1,700 / R25,000), or monthly (US$140 / R2,100). This includes a small contribution to tuition and accommodation fees, provision of academic and social mentoring support, provision of top-up book and food allowance, holiday work stipend, and attendance of a life skills seminar for one student. You may also select another amount.
  • Full student sponsorship: One year (US$ 3,400 / R50,000), or monthly (US$ 285 / R4,200). This includes a significant contribution to tuition and accommodation fees, academic and mentoring support, provision of a book and food allowance, holiday work stipend, and attendance of a life skills seminar for one student. You may also select another amount.
  • Pick your own amount: Decide on the donation you would like to make, and pay it once-off or monthly!

Donate now

Become a fundraiser

You may also decide to become a fundraiser on behalf of a student. We’ll be happy to provide you with further details of the impact of our work, including statistics to share with others, as well as additional information about an individual student that you may support.

You will get to share the awesome details of how rural students are succeeding in studying a health science degree, going to employment, serving their communities whilst lifting their family's out of poverty!

Take a look at our new campaigns and change a life!

Thank you for your support - you are making a significant difference in a young person’s life!

Dr Gavin MacGregor
Director: Umthombo Youth Development Foundation