Meet Our Students

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Become acquainted with some of our students by reading their stories below.

mackaylaMy name is Mackayla Hanumuthoo, and I come from the Melmoth area, which is poorly developed in terms of healthcare facilities, infrastructure and standard of living. To be honest, Occupational Therapy was never my first choice, but I thank God for guiding me towards this health science discipline as I have grown to love it over the past year. I am currently in my 3rd year at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Knowing that I will contribute to improving the lives of others by increasing their independence in everyday activities is so rewarding to me. I have always been a person who loves helping people, and Occupational Therapy allows me to do that daily. 

My hope is to graduate and make my family proud of me because I know the sacrifices they have made for me – even during the hardships, they remained strong for me. I want to assist my community by becoming a better healthcare professional and empowering the youth in my community. I want to be a living testimony that although your beginnings might be small, you can still achieve greatness!

NQUMy name is Nqubeko Mthembu, and I’m a 3rd-year medical student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 2010, which was the last time anyone saw my father. I lived with my aunt for five years and then my grandmother. The circumstances I grew up in and relocating from one place to another did not demotivate me; instead, it made me work harder. I became a peer wellness mentor to assist other children at school. I completed my matric with excellent results. 

My drive and passion for medicine come from the fact that my mother passed away from a treatable disease that was not diagnosed early because of a lack of resources in my area. My hope is to prevent other children from losing their loved ones due to a lack of resources and medical personnel. I would like to help restore the trust people have lost in the public health system and encourage and mentor more rural students to study medicine so that services can improve in rural areas.

I am Sizwe Ndlovu, a 4th-year UKZN medical student from Paulpietersburg. Both my parents are deceased, and I am staying with an aunt. As a top performer at school, people would acknowledge that I was verysizwe focused, which made me see that medicine was the perfect career for me, as I would be able to manage all the difficulties associated with the degree. I also desire to bring about change in my community, as there are currently few people who have pursued this journey. I also want to be a positive influence for my siblings, showing them that your background can’t stop you from chasing your dreams. My greatest dream is to see myself as a qualified practitioner bringing hope and change to society and providing financial security to my family.