Publications (scientific)

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We have published different aspects of our work to show that our investment in rural youth is justified as 90% of our students will graduate, and a very high percentage of them will work at a rural hospital, addressing staff shortages and improving the delivery of healthcare services:

A rural scholarship model addressing the shortage of healthcare workers in rural areas. South African Health Review (2018). 

The socio-economic impact of rural origin graduates working as healthcare professionals in South Africa. South African Family Practice Journal (2019).

A review on the contributions of NGOs in addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals in rural South Africa. Cogent Social Sciences (2019).

The training of healthcare professionals: an expense or an investment? South African Medical Journal (2020).

Contribution of a bonded scholarship scheme to staffing rural health facilities. South African Medical Journal, 2024.

The effects of various retention factors on the choice of where rural origin Umthombo Youth Development Foundation health science graduates work. Rural and Remote Health, 2024.

Throughput rates and time to completion of rural origin health science students in South Africa. African Journal of Health Professions Education. Accepted 11 Dec 2023.