Words of Gratitude

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My gratitude for your financial support!

This serves to thank you for your generous contribution to my university studies. Not only did you fund a student, but a potential street kid who, without your help, would be purposelessly roaming around the streets.

I did not have alternatives, any whatsoever, but your kind gesture has brought me this far. Every year when it is registration time, I sit back and reflect on the privilege I have in you. Through the university education, you are feeding my mental wellness. Through the food allowance, you feed my physical wellness. And through your payment of my tuition, you feed my spiritual wellness simply because you take away all my financial stresses. Thus, I can shout to the world "Umthombo cares”.


From my first year, you have been shielding me like a hen shielding her chicks. I have reached the fifth year with grace and look forward to the final year next year with you holding my hand. The role you played could not be played by any of my family members, given their dire economic background. You have brought light to me, my family, as well as the village where I am from, as I will be the first resident to have such a prestigious qualification. 

The greatest teacher to have ever walked on this earth once said, “freely ye received, freely ye give.” This I will take as a command; now that I have received the light of education, I teach the art to those who wish to learn it. 

I look forward to becoming a Discovery member in the future!


Dumisani Mthembu (Student)
Medical Graduate from the University of Pretoria 2020